Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Original Poem - A Prayer for Gina

It's been a while since you've heard from Regina.  She's all tied up in a legal fight that may change the fate of her entire family and her energies are fully directed towards this hope that a handful of lawyers, a judge and people with deep pockets but little remorse, will do the right f-ing thing.

I'm not particularly religious but I do believe that directing your thoughts and energy someone's way can make a difference, even if it simply provokes a kindness.  If you have a moment, think about her. And send your most passionate prayers towards Regina and her incredible family.

Battle Cry

To you whose smile is wide
and open
Towards the physical drain of every day slopping up,
hanging in, wiping and feeding,
washing and comforting,
as if they are still infants.
Though it should never have ended up
that they might need you in this way
after so long.

To you whose patience,
and stalwart persistence,
pushing against a riptide of business and greed,
should bring a kind of ease

If not justice. 

-by Juliet Bond


  1. I am a person of faith, and she is always in my prayers. As are you, my friend.