Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Original Poem : Guest Poet, Kathy Cannon Wiechman

Kathy Cannon Wiechman

 Juliet and I met Kathy at a Highlights Foundation workshop. Kathy is one of those writers that I wish I could be. She is dedicated, prolific and gives the best hugs. A couple years ago when I switched gears and started to focus on poetry, Kathy mentioned that her mother was a published poet. Kathy also told me that poetry wasn't for her. But this week she posted on Swagger Writers about how she had made a break through into free verse. Of course I asked to see the poem.

I am so honored and please to host her poem. Thank you, Kathy, for being brave and writing beautiful poetry.

By Kathy Cannon Wiechman

The tiny butterfly,
Whose wings flap a rhythm
On the sonogram monitor,
Etches a memory
Of a heartbeat, a life.
Gender and name still unanswered
Among a lifetime of questions.
The mother’s eyes shine
With the blossoming promise,
As delicate stirrings
In the swell of her middle
Herald a future of love.

Baby boy Anthony James
Has his name etched in stone
In the Garden of Angels,
The butterfly’s wings cold and still.
His mother’s eyes swell with tears
As she places delicate blossoms,
That will wilt in the sunshine,
Wilt like the promise.
Arms aching to hold him
Fold across her empty middle,
While the air is stirred only
By her unanswered “Why?”


  1. Lovely! Kathy, you are like a butterfly, gentle and busy caring for all around you.

  2. We had a stillborn baby once--you made me cry!!

  3. I've had two losses so :(
    Very touching and beautiful!

  4. This stillbirth happened in 2001, & the loss is still as fresh as ever. My condolences to all who experience this. Thanks for sharing my poem.