Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Orginal Poem

"Now to home without looking back, enough is enough."
-Jim Harrison from the poem, Broom, published in Songs of Unreason

Spring Cleaning

It's all part of my day to sweep morning breakfast crumbs
out the south facing slider onto the melting snow fringed in ice
where grass will be soon
where the fallen pines you carved into garden posts
stand guard in formation.

A walk to the mailbox slosh and slop in mud puddles,
eyes up to the treetops searching for bird signs
finch calls summoning spring,
beckoning me to do more cleaning.

As if the swish of my broom, the pass of my hand
on the slope of the tub like the back of a whale
can wash away the winter heavy grief
still clinging to my goulashes. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rock the Drop!

Hey everyone, buy a YA novel today, print out and insert the bookplate at  Then leave the book for some lucky teen to find!

Good deed.  done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Cinquains are 5 line poems with the following form:
1st line: two syllables, a noun (your subject)
2nd line: four syllables, adjectives, to describe the subject in line 1.
3rd line: six syllables, an action statement describing the subject in line 1.
4th line: eight syllables, describing a feeling about the subject
5th line: two syllables, a synonym or word that refers back to the subject.

Weird week
Rejected reach
Mistakes were made, maybe
Heavy with doubt, tinged nerves crackle

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Original Poem: Somonka

In keeping with National Poetry Month, here's a fun poetic form to try...

A somonka is a ten line Japanese poetic form where one poet creates the first stanza and another poet completes the poem by writing a second stanza.

Both stanzas follow the "tanka" form by writing five lines with designated syllable lengths in each. The pattern is 5/7/5/7/7.

Here is my first stanza:

Cautious spiders roam
The silver tinted living-room
Sly fingers gossip
Sip smoky teas and secrets
Dry-eyed sea dragons set ablaze

Please respond by completing the poem!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I'm posting this a bit early so that it publishes while it is still Regina's birthday.  I love you, my sweet friend.  This year, we will meet up with Kathy in Galena, see each other in Chicago and spa!
(We will.)


I met her when she was visibly pregnant
Silent and smiling

Strong hands rested against her proud-swollen belly
It wasn't until the end of the second day that she opened up

Peeking shyly
To show us a glimpse of who she was

Making us laugh
At her vulnerabilities

I wanted to know her better
Sidled up to her on cold walks back to our cabins

Basked in the quiet glow of her

Visited her after the anguish of Eliza's traumatic entrance
Regina's eyes were soft and staring, blank

I held the broken infant
But watched my friend

Tim talked, Regina (even in her anguish)
Treated us to brunch at her favorite restaurant

Poetry brought her back
The exhaustion of caring for her daughters rubbed her raw

There is no one I admire more
As a friend, mother and fierce fighter for justice

Over the years that followed,
I've been lucky

Friendship baked and kept warm on a sunny table
Through short visits, exchanged gifts, glasses of wine and words