Meet Regina

Born to an artist and a preacher in the desert of Texas, raised by the book, molded by the nature of Michigan, Regina tramps through mud puddles and collects birch bark peels. She is a wife and mother of three girls and trained as a chef. Her truest voice is poetry but she also writes YA and MG. She is a student of life who is always questioning and prefers carrot juice to coffee.

Where I Am From

I’m from mesquite bushes and
Cicada shells put
under Grandpa’s hat.

I am from caliche soil
that doesn’t let water
soak in,
pecans picked,
piled high
in paper bags.

I am from a double-wide
trailer in
tornado’s way.
And burning sun that
rattlesnakes hid from.

I am from cowboy hat and
three-piece suit,
from Carol and Juan.

I’m from bible-reciting- holy-rollers and
oil-anointing artists.

I’m from horse trough swimming
sweet tea and tortillas made from masa.

From the eyesight Mother lost in
her right eye on her honeymoon.

Under my bed was
a pile of handmade toys.
A silent congregation awaiting
my goodnight prayers.

I am from those moments in
the dark when
light seeped in.

-Regina Buckroe Gort

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