Meet Juliet

Juliet Bond is a Licensed Social Worker and college instructor from Evanston, Illinois. She is the author of Sam's Sister, a picture book about open adoption.
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Juliet has three short stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and wrote a stage adaptation of the picture book, This is Just to Say, by Newberry award winner Joyce Sidman.  Copies of the play can be purchased at Brooklyn Publishers.  Juliet also writes for The Prairie Wind, Illinois' SCBWI newsletter.  

Juliet is the new member coordinator for the SCBWI-IL chapter and teaches writing courses at StoryStudio Chicago.

In her spare time, she organizes community volunteer services with a school-based group she co-founded called COPE.

And Juliet has a personal webpage here.

This is where she is from:

Where I'm From

I am sprung from a teenager’s lonely heart
from aching need
and misplaced affection,
from folk songs, long hair and blinding hope.
I am from outstretched arms and rowdy laughter, paired with balled-up grief turned bitter.
From Thomas and June, who spun matter, assembling the elements until a howling, dark-eyed girl emerged.
I am the sharp knife Opa used to chase Da into the Air Force.
I am the stench of smoke caught between car windows.
I am thick strands of seaweed amid knobby crimson toes, honey vanilla ice cream, and the alter of my mother’s conviction.
I am feathered hair, roller discos and glossy lips.
I am the timid child whose cautious first steps weren’t enough to protect her from the man/boy who lurked in the bushes.
I am the torn tights, sand-stung eyes and Girl Scout uniform never worn again.
I am fierce loyalty grasping the edges of fading light.

Juliet Bond


  1. What a lovely poem! It strikes deeply into the heart.

  2. Nice to meet you, Juliet! What a beautiful poem!

    1. Thanks, M.J. I've enjoyed visiting your blog.

  3. Hi Juliet, nice to meet you :) Wishing you joy and success with your writing!

  4. Hi Juliet: What a lovely name. So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lovely poem, very tender and deep and real.

  6. Hi Juliet, I'd like to send you an email of the winnings from my blog giveaway. Could you please send me your email to Thanks!

  7. Hi Juliet thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed you asked what a book blogger is & book bloggers can help you sell your picture book. If you want to talk more feel free to send me an email or catch me on the blogosphere.

  8. Thank you for the special mention, Juliet! I appreciate it!

  9. Beautiful, but heart-breaking poem. I pray you are at peace today. God bless you.