Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Original Poem

This one goes out to my hubby, Tim! Happy Valentine's Day, love.

You love me guzzling kale juice.
You love me munching chocolate-covered potato chips
You love me in a bottle of Willamette Valley pinot noir.
You love me in sauna sweat meditation.
You love me mascara dripping.
You love me flat lips wide across my teeth.
You love me gestating.
You love me breastfeeding.
You love me tombstone dusting.
You love me when I don’t have time to love you.
When I am motherhood bee-hiving, bleeding onto paper,
            collecting species in binoculars, harboring roller derby dreams.
When I start, when I finish, when I don’t begin, when I give up.
When I am yelling screaming, cowering and singing lullabyes.
Loving you is easy because loving me is not.
Because we are,
always have been, always will be. 

With all my heart, your Regina


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Gina and Tim.

  2. A beautiful message of love! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Awww. You are so loveable Gina! You and Tim are the perfect couple!