Thursday, December 5, 2013

Staying on the Subject

Last night, I saw Andrew Soloman speak.  His book, Far From the Tree, focuses on identity in the face of great challenges.

Some of the questions he tackles are:

How would you function if you had a child who was:

Conceived from rape?




I wished Gina were sitting next to me.  I'm definitely sending her the book - not because his conclusion is anything earth-shattering - I mean reframing one's life to expand your definition of normal is something we are doing all over America as we change laws around gay marriage.  It's more the feeling he engenders through these incredible stories of families like Gina's; families who tackle enormous life challenges with grace, love and determination.  But mostly love.  And they do this by choice, not because they are special, graced by God or more capable.

As we all should, they choose to love.

People always regale us with these little sayings, like, 'God doesn't give you any more than you can handle.' But children like ours are not preordained as a gift. They're a gift because that's what we have chosen." —Ruth Shekter

Keep up those good thoughts.  It's a big week for Gina's family.

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