Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Original Poem

Years ago, when Lilly was maybe six and we still lived on the southern edge of Evanston in our first house, we bought a catnip-filled Bill Clinton doll for our cat, Ripley, to destroy.  And she did regularly attack him.  But she also lovingly toted him from room to room, curled around him as she slept and hid him under the couch for safe keeping.

Ripley died two years ago.  She had a cancerous lump that formed in her throat and grew until she struggled to breathe past it.

The poem I share today was written by my daughter Lilly (now thirteen.)

Talking to Bill Clinton Doll

I saw you in the basement
I wonder if you remember her
No. Of course not.
You've been ripped, stitched, cuddled.
And neglected for years
I wanted to bury you with her but you
Were already long lost
If only you could talk
You could tell me what you felt for her
What it was like to have her body wrapped around your own
If it hurt to be scratched or if you understood
That it was out of love
I wouldn't know
She was never very fond of me
Except near the end
Every morning for that last week I would
Lie down with her
The tumor in her neck growing ever bigger
It was cancer you know
Her strangled cry brought me to tears
It was the only time I ever prayed
I asked to let her stay
For someway, somehow that tumor to go away
I talked to her too
I told her I loved her and that I was sorry I hadn't
Said it much before
I'd go to sleep hoping she would be there when I woke

We buried her in the backyard
I wanted to bury you with her 
But you were already long lost
We decorated her tombstone with flowers
And words like
"love" and
"the best"
in a blanket her frigid body lies
wrapped up and beneath the ground
I miss her.
Do you?


  1. Please tell Lilly, that's a wonderful poem.

  2. A lovely way to remember a lost pet, who was also obviously a family member. Well done, Lilly