Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Best Days

This week, my mind is muddled by thoughts of the future.  There are big decisions in front of us and knowing which are right for my family and which are right in the grander scheme, seems a balance of psychic-like predictions as slippery as wet soap.  It's a pleasure then to focus on something as solid and easily grasped as someone else's achievements.

Congratulations and traveling mercies, Regina.  May the road rise up, girlfriend.  And may you have the best of days.

For N & K

by Gina Myers

Otis on vinyl
carries from
the barn. Blessed
is this day. The camera
captures us youthful
& triumphant.
Blessed be this day,
a celebration
of friends coming
together. Last night,
surrounded by
those I love, I had wanted
to read Berrigan's
"Words For Love,"
but I didn't want to say
the heart breaks, even though I know
it's true & the breaking
can be a good thing
sometimes, like the way
my heart shatters
a little each time
I think of my friends
& how lucky in life
I've been to get
to know them, to have
had the time to laugh &
drink & dance & to argue
& feel hurt too.
How can one possibly
say everything
that should be said?
These feelings
just feelings, not
defined by words.
To be overwhelmed,
caught in a whirlwind
& up to one's
ankles in the creek
as lightning bugs
polka-dot the sky
& Otis, again Otis,
always Otis in my
memory, provides
the soundtrack.
Not every day
can be a good day
but this is one
of them, one
of the best days.