Thursday, May 23, 2013


The SCBWI newsletter had a great article this month about Ted Talks.   If you’ve never watched one, first, what planet are you on?  And second, tune in!  Ted Talks range from inspiring to informational and include some of the worlds most exciting thinkers.

Here are a few that should make your toes curl with pleasure and your mind explode with learnin':

1. This is really lovely.  Chimamanda Adichie explores her own connection to stories by celebrating the personal in every tale and the significance of diverse stories.

2.  This one is special because it's presented by a screenwriter eminently skilled at drawing the viewer/reader in.

3. The next one is by a young man who "wanted to be a writer" and now he is one.  It's called, To This Day, for the Bullied and the Beautiful.  It's tender, inspiring and funny (also, the link to the video wouldn't download so just click on the title to see it.)

4.  This is an older one that still totally works for me!  Brene Brown embraces being a storyteller.

5. Last, my favorite - the antidote to apathy, engagement and connection!

Do you have a favorite Ted Talk?  Is there one that inspired you in writing or in life in general?  
Do tell...

Fittingly, Kristen Dyrr nominated us for a "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" this week.  Hey, you are totally awesome, Kristen Dyrr!  Because we've now won Liebster five times (wow!), we have already posted a bunch of boring (but cleverly written) facts about ourselves.  Here are the first facts about us.  And here is the second list, if you are interested.  We won't overload you with more of that today.  But the rules on this one require us to nominate other inspiring bloggers and link back to them, so here are Juliet's real and true favorites.

Linda Sue Park is an incredible writer for children and she shares her wisdom on her blog.

Jane Yolen sends me a poem every day (really) and has a beautiful interactive blog.

My ver, ver favorite blog about YA stuff is Forever Young Adult where the book reviews are real and the bloggers always sound like your girlfriends after a few stiff ones.

I also found Kate's blog on the A-Z and LOVED her artwork, her writing and the connection we've made between our blog and hers (bloggers unite!)

Brainy Girls has to be my new favorite blog!  It's great fun and super empowering for girls.

My beautiful friend Barb Turk connects yoga and children's books at BookwormYoga.  At her site you will find good information with a dash of whimsy (also one of her dog's names...Whimsy.)

Cathy at Life on the Muskoka River is the funniest, largely undiscovered comedian out there.  For example, her latest post is about how her son wore his red morphsuit to school and told everyone he was Jesus.  Just read it.

I went to High School with The Indispensable Nobody, Holly Long.  Her blog musings are personal and probing and she's a darn fine musician too.

M'kay, that's all I can do on a Thursday morning.  Congrats, list of bloggers.  You are all incredibly inspiring!

Wait!  One more - Inger over at Desert Canyon Living writes beautiful posts and is a terrific support to fellow bloggers


  1. Thanks for the inspirational videos and for the blogs you listed. I don't know you well, but I know enough to want to check out anything you guys recommend. Thanks.

  2. Aw, shucks... thanks for thinking of me :)