Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Original Poem

This Friday, we begin our new schedule of posting an original poem every week!  While Regina is on a much deserved anniversary trip with her fabulous husband Tim, Juliet takes on the first Friday poem.  This one is dedicated to all of the performers, chefs and supporters who made our COPE benefit a huge success. 


Somewhere, someone is singing
One voice
High notes bound up and attach themselves to low-slung, harmonies
A careful whir of sound, rising
Pressed like hundred-year old pieces of gum against a sidewalk, blending
A chorus
Something lifts inside your chest
Bubbles up like champagne sunlight, bursting
You open your mouth
And add your own broken sounds


  1. This sounds like a wonderful event, so glad it was a success! And I hope Regina is having a wonderful trip! :)