Thursday, May 2, 2013

A-Z 2013

We did it!  Two months ago, when I suggested daily original poetry to Regina she balked.  Yeah, Regina knows a lot more about poetry than I do.  But maybe my blind ignorance coupled with her brilliant skill wasn’t such a bad combo. 

Sometimes, like the entire sum of our youth, our confidence comes from a place of pure ignorance.  Many writers start out this way – especially writers for children because, hey, anybody can write a 350 word story for kids.  How hard could it be?

It’s hard.

Poetry is hard too.

Still, we did it!
And though I produced a few turds, there were some lovely surprises in there too.  Of the fourteen poems I wrote for the A-Z, I’ve already submitted two to three different publication and contest sources.  Maybe someone will like one.  But even if none are published, I am proud of what I produced. 

Now, Regina and I decided that we have to incorporate original poetry going forward so every other Friday, check us out.  One of us will post an original poem.

Thanks to all of you who introduced yourself and signed up to follow us.  We are thrilled to be a part of the vibrant blogging community.


  1. And you did a great job. I am totally hopeless in writing poetry. I believe you've got to have a special skill to do that. Bravo for you two!

  2. YAY! I really enjoyed your poems too, and totally agree with Al. Maybe you've two have discovered a secret talent :)

    1. Thank you! Though Regina's talent was no secret - mine was a complete surprise.

  3. Hurray! Can't wait to be dazzled every other Friday.

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal! :)

  5. Congrats on all the poems! I love poetry, it's how I started as a writer. I should really get back into it, and submitting a few poems doesn't sound all that bad either. :)

  6. Well done on completing the A to Z challenge :)

  7. Ignorance or not, it was very brave of the two of you decide on a poem a day for your theme. I was very touched by your poems and, as I said before, so happy to have met you on the A to Z Challenge.