Monday, March 11, 2013

Making Monday Possible

Today I offer a poem from Robert Haight. Find your way to fly today.

Learning to Fly

The first desire of the child
is to fly, which is why children
after crawling or standing,
walking or finally learning to run
are often found perched
atop a stack of books on a high chair,
hanging, one hand on the wall,
the other clutching a light fixture,
peering up, up, as if the earth
were another womb to break free from,

and once we resign ourselves to life
on foot, it becomes the desire of dreams,
so that the dream becomes possibility,
and waking, a kind of disappointment.
We try to fall back to sleep
before the dream flies away
but arrive in time to feel only the brush
of wind from its feathers

until finally
a life of this desire takes form
and in our old age
we come to resemble birds,
gnarled hands stiffened to claws,
eyes darting around our heads
which seem to tilt back,
as if setting a course,
as if we will grow wings
sometime very soon.

(Source: Samples from Water Rain by Robert Haight)

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