Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrating the Small Stuff

Whoo boy, this week flew by!  I posted on my own this week in order to give Gina time to focus on her family.  They are facing hefty challenges, fighting for some much needed supports.  You can read more about their fight for fair treatment on the Gort Family Blog.

A belated happy birthday to  beautiful Eliza who turned three a little over a week ago!

My own week started on Monday with a headstand in yoga!

I've been going to yoga classes since the beginning of last summer
so it took about nine months to work up to this.
And, while this lovely lady is
doing it without support,
mine was up against a wall.
But still...

On Tuesday, we had a terrifying "violent person in the building" announcement.  The intercom instructed us to lock our classroom doors.  But the classroom that I was in didn't have a lock, and the door opened OUT.  So we improvised by stacking tables to block the door and moving boxes of books to create a barricade.

It turned out to be a false alarm but doesn't this student look fabulous
in his full jumpsuit, guarding the makeshift barricade?

And doesn't the fact that the barricade is made of books imply something wonderful about the literal power of books?  (Get it?  Literal?)

After that, I drove kids back and forth to basketball practices and rehearsals, attended parent teacher conferences, cooked endless meals, cleaned out our sunroom (beware the nasty things that hide under old couches), surprised a girlfriend for her birthday, attended parent-teacher conferences, ate mounds of spaghetti with dear, old friends and was hired to teach a workshop on writing for children at Terra Museum for American Art.  

So this week, I am grateful for handstands and books, which have the potential to 
save me in more ways than I'd ever realized.


  1. Glad it was a false alarm! This is a crazy time. I'm impressed with the head stand! Way to go :)

    1. Thanks, T! This is a crazy time. And it's weird to think about how much of this happens in schools...

  2. Saved by books! Way to go with the headstand! And Happy Birthday to Eliza!

  3. Handstands and books are great celebrations - glad it was a false alarm indeed!

  4. Wow, I'm glad nothing came of that, it must have been scary! I'm impressed about the headstand, the last one I did was back in Primary school.

  5. Headstand? Wow I'm impressed.
    Eliza looks like a real honey!
    Congrats on all your small things!

  6. So proud of your doing a headstand! And quick thinking with the boxes of books. They always told us books are our friends, but these books went above & beyond & right up against the door. Hurray for books!! And I'm eager to hear more about the class you'll teach.