Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's My Birthday (Cheerio, chaps)


One bright morning in a restaurant in Chicago
as I waited for my eggs and toast,
I opened the Tribune only to discover
that I was the same age as Cheerios.

Indeed, I was a few months older than Cheerios
for today, the newspaper announced,
was the seventieth birthday of Cheerios
whereas mine had occurred earlier in the year.

Already I could hear them whispering
behind my stooped and threadbare back,
Why that dude’s older than Cheerios
the way they used to say

Why that’s as old as the hills,
only the hills are much older than Cheerios
or any American breakfast cereal,
and more noble and enduring are the hills,

I surmised as a bar of sunlight illuminated my orange juice.


  1. I like this poem. We tend to say "older than dirt" in our family, but what REALLY gives me perspective on my age are the ages of those in certain occupations. It wasn't too bad when cops & athletes were all younger. But when my kids' teachers were younger, it took me by surprise. Now my doctors are younger. What happened to the gray-haired family doctors who were old enough to be my grandparents?