Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Reading Suggestion

Not sure if this qualifies as chick-lit (or if I am offended by the very idea of chick-lit) but The Divorce Papers was definitely the kind of flawed female main character faces trials (in this case literally, as she is an attorney) and tribulations and eventually find happiness.

The book was written in a series of legal briefs, emails and handwritten notes, a tool that sometimes falls flat but works here.  The characters are believable and the two female characters we spend most of our time with are likable.  The story rests on a young attorney's struggle to balance her own lingering grief over her parent's divorce with a divorce case her firm and the client have wrangled her into taking. I would label this one a good beach read and pass it along to you for light pleasure rather than swoonworthy literary stuff.

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