Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivation : Passion

Does poetry even matter? Is it at all revelvant in our world today?

I guess you have to then ask the bigger questions. Is art important? Is self-expression necessary?

For me poetry is passion. It is a way for me to connect in a meaningful way to myself and my surroundings. It is a way to process, to experience and to share.

If you can recite a song, can name a photograph, painting , sculpture, quote a book or phrase then you have connected to another person's passion. If you have written a letter, a wedding toast, a eulogy, made up a song to rock your baby to then you are a poet. If you have said a prayer, chanted a meditation, hummed to the whistle of the wind then the passion of poetry is inside you.

Here is Kim Rosen at TedX talking about how poetry is our first language. Enjoy, go forth and be passionate.


  1. I like the idea of finding our inner poet.

  2. I know my inner poet and my inner poet knows me. Nice post today on poetry.

  3. Without poetry, music would have no lyrics. Prose would have no lyrical quality. And Life would not be as full.