Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Original Poem


by Juliet Bond

I knew there was something that I forgot to do.
The continued Great Leggings Saga and a school board meeting
Three AM
Brainstorming session on a new picture book
Read.  Maybe that will help.
Welcoming two new satellite COPE schools
No good, clean underwear - only the lacy, scratchy, uncomfortable ones.
Teaching, final grades and beginning a new non-fiction project
Why can't I sleep?
Taking on a grant to create programming for the district teachers
Two glasses of wine.
Fingerprints at the police station - we need those for the Latvian kids to visit
Lunch with a treasured friend
A bath in the filthy tub.
Visiting the Field Museum and outings with my visiting sister-in-law and her kids
Back to bed at five AM.
Shopping for a new light fixture because the dining room has been dark for weeks
Read.  Maybe that will help.
An interview with The Associated Press
Two AM.  Toss.  Turn.
Attempting to get my computer fixed (twice) and having to buy a new phone because Apple apparently has some kind of two-year timer on all of its products, which makes them spontaneously fall apart
One chocolate covered fig.
Cooking meals and rushing off to the bakery to have something on hand for all of those meetings - COPE, Carrie
Do I have time to vacuum?
Courageous Conversations at the elementary school
Stirring the risotto for an hour.
Tomorrow, Storystudio and my sister wrestling in spaghetti for charity as we celebrate my dad's birthday and Sunday is Jacob's Play
Tonight?  Read.  Maybe that will help.


  1. Great relatable poem! But get some sleep! Try meditation to clear your head.

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