Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I'm posting this a bit early so that it publishes while it is still Regina's birthday.  I love you, my sweet friend.  This year, we will meet up with Kathy in Galena, see each other in Chicago and spa!
(We will.)


I met her when she was visibly pregnant
Silent and smiling

Strong hands rested against her proud-swollen belly
It wasn't until the end of the second day that she opened up

Peeking shyly
To show us a glimpse of who she was

Making us laugh
At her vulnerabilities

I wanted to know her better
Sidled up to her on cold walks back to our cabins

Basked in the quiet glow of her

Visited her after the anguish of Eliza's traumatic entrance
Regina's eyes were soft and staring, blank

I held the broken infant
But watched my friend

Tim talked, Regina (even in her anguish)
Treated us to brunch at her favorite restaurant

Poetry brought her back
The exhaustion of caring for her daughters rubbed her raw

There is no one I admire more
As a friend, mother and fierce fighter for justice

Over the years that followed,
I've been lucky

Friendship baked and kept warm on a sunny table
Through short visits, exchanged gifts, glasses of wine and words


  1. Dearest Juliet,
    What an amazing birthday gift! The best! I'm crying over here :)
    I love that picture of us and I can't wait to write and spa with you!

  2. You two personify the treasure of true friendship. Love you both.