Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Book Review

I finished The Round House last week.  

I tend to struggle with stories that ask me to learn about a new world with rules I have to suss out. From science fiction to tales set in cultures I'm unfamiliar with, I am lazy and find it difficult to connect with the main characters.  It's a total flaw in my role as a reader. It is also the only complaint I had with this book.  Really, it's a fabulous story - a Native American To Kill A Mockingbird, complete with an engaging, young main voice, an Atticus Finch-like father and the burden of injustice to remind the reader that real-life complexities around America's oppression of subordinated groups is severe and continuous. 

I would definitely recommend it, especially for readers without my shortcomings.


  1. Thanks for this, it is on my wish list at amazon.

  2. I bet you will like it a lot, Inger!