Friday, March 21, 2014

Latvian Orphan Update

Well, we gathered our nerves and created a crowdfunding platform to make the summer visit with Mairita, Toms and Tomas possible and the response has been so heartwarming!  Thanks to family and friends we are so much closer to paying for the entire $10,000.00 expense of having the kids here for five weeks.  It feels uncomfortable asking for help but Kevin keeps pointing out that we are doing the whole it takes a village thing by choosing to love, welcome and provide care for these kids and it's not so terrible to lean on friends and family to help us do it.  I do hope that those who feel imposed upon forgive us and that no one who would harbor resentment, donates.

We are just as grateful to friends and family who choose to donate their time and spend a day at the beach with us while the kids are here this summer, or drop off used clothing - or apples and oranges! We will need to stock up.  The kids go through a bag a day!

I keep checking on Mairita's health and she assures me that she is "Okay, Mama.  I love you."  I'd feel so much better if she were here and I could make sure but thank goodness for FRYPE (the Latvian version of Facebook) where we can exchange short messages and photos.

As for Toms and Tomass, Dace's report that they seemed happy and that little Tomass appeared to be really bonded to the new foster father was so reassuring.

We are also trying to bring Mairita's best friend Lasma over through some wonderful old friends Chris and Nancy.  Unfortunately, the agency isn't having much luck in locating her via the orphan courts though Lasma writes to Chris, Nancy and me on Frype and I have Skyped with her.  She's a lovely young girl, eager to visit America.  When the kids were with us last summer, Lasma and Mairita would Skype and Lasma would call out, "Hello!  Do you know a family who would want me?"  Her English is excellent.  Hopefully, we will be able to bring them all over for an incredible summer visit.

If you would like to donate, please visit our Razoo page where you can watch a video I made of all of us goofing around last summer.

The donation is tax deductible :)

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