Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Reading Suggestion

I first picked up this series about six years ago.  It was recommended to me by the owner at Women and Children First bookstore in Chicago and Linda's suggestions are always amazing.  Shortly afterwards, I went back in for something new and she suggested a little known YA called "The Hunger Games."

The voice of the main character, in the Spellman series is what will draw you in initially.  Isabel Spellman is obstinate, independent and frequently drunk. But despite this, (or maybe because of it) Lisa Lutz also does this incredible job of creating likable, flawed characters.  People so annoyingly real that you feel about them the way you might about your own cuddly but awful relatives.  And since the main character is a private investigator whose business is owned by her parents, Isabel is with her family a lot.

These mysteries are a lovely mix of laugh-out-loud fun and riveting story.

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