Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Book Review

Oh garsh, this was a busy week!  In addition to planning a trip to California (college visits for the sixteen-year-old), I taught two classes, entered final grades for another, attended three meetings, edited eight hours of poetry and escorted aforementioned sixteen-year-old to some giant mansion where pictures were taken just before he headed off to Cotillion.

Cotillion: Antiquated upper class tradition where a handful of wealthy students invite their closest friends to a dance while the rest of the student-body looks on.

This is one of those moments as a parent where your child's social success is celebrated before your own morals and values weakly attempt to object.  We forked over the cash for the tux, corsage and dinner before standing in a room full of one-percenters to take pictures of the spectacle.

Right.  All of that is to say that I haven't finished a book this week.  I started Sue Monk Kidd's "The Invention of Wings" and I'm (ironically) enjoying the upstairs/downstairs nature of the story.  It's historical fiction about an abolitionist, feminist young woman (Sarah Grimke) who truly did effect women's rights during her time.  But her own struggle to figure out how human rights could be compromised in her own home is an interesting one, especially as we feel the fury of her slave-girl, Handful's captivity and limitations.

Yep.  Interesting week in fiction and in real life.


  1. I hope the dance was fun. Have a productive trip to CA.

  2. Jacob is so handsome! Give my regards to the West Coast :)

    1. Isn't he a doll? And his date! Goodness she was pretty.