Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Motivation: Day 29

Today marks day 29 of the 100 day project which means I have left  29 poems in homemade notebooks in some pretty random places.
Every day I check the email I set up for people to respond to the poem only to end up disappointed. No responses. And then I thought maybe it requires more of me then just sending poetry into the world, maybe it requires some courage. So this weekend I decided to change up my strategy. I left a poem book in a tip jar at a restaurant for a singer whose voice moved me. I tried to be discreet and she didn't see me do it at the time. But a day later I had a response. She figured it out, found me and sent the message below :
"I'm not sure why you chose the poem you left as a gift for me, 
or if you could have known what kind of impact it would have,
 but it did, and I can't thank you enough."
Turns out a little poetry and a little courage has big pay offs. I'm not discounting the poems that I have left randomly because who knows when I might get another message.


  1. You never know when your actions might impact someone's life. Knowing you has impacted mine. Putting pieces of yourself out into the world takes courage, & you are one of the most courageous people I know. Bask in the knowledge of this singer you moved, but have faith that you have moved many who might not have told you so.

  2. I got a message after my poetry got published locally in a local newspaper magazine. She turned out to be a fellow published poet in the paper and multi-winner of local competitions. You never know who will contact you unless you go out there. Congrats on making an impact.

  3. Wow! Aren't you dying to know more about her story?