Thursday, January 30, 2014



This morning I squeezed the juice from green apples
Sat down with a stale rice cake and decided,
To start over

Someone else was chosen for the job
An old acquaintance seems untrustworthy
And while I'm glad I didn't fall too far into her confidence,
I wish I'd been safe to take more than a dip

At 3:20pm, I will ask twenty-five hipsters to break open books
Examine their lives for specks of molding injustices
Ugly, careworn examples of a world
Less, so much less than what they were promised

The temperature has broken above zero for the first time in days
I should leave the dust of my house
Rethink the past
Plan the future

-Juliet C. Bond


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog, Ann. You are a beauty!

  2. It really is about beginnings. All this begins and begins. Take heart, J! And thank you for being honest and open! Also I love your poetry :)

  3. Finding the message of hope in this poem, though parts of it touch on despair. Even winter gives way to spring eventually. Here's to an early spring! Sending love.

    1. We need it here! And you need it there - come on groundhog.