Monday, December 30, 2013


Rejection can be a great motivator. My favorite kind of rejection is the kind that comes in a form letter with a little something tacked on at the end.

Most recently I received this one.

Dear Regina,
Thanks for submitting your poems —we greatly appreciated the chance to read them. However, after careful consideration, we don't feel they are a fit for us. 

[Here is where I almost hit the delete button until I glance at the following line]

We really did like your style, though, and we hope you'll submit to us again in the future.

[This is when I get motivated and start looking through all of my work to find the next poems to submit]

Maybe the next time I hear from this publication it maybe an acceptance. And even if it's not I know I can turn rejection into motivation.


  1. Good for you, Gina. Quitting is easy. It takes smarts to see past the rejection and find that motivation that someone took time to add because she/he obviously likes your work. I like it, too. Keep sending it. You just never know which "next corner" the acceptance will be around.

  2. I LOVE your work--Happy New Year!!!!!