Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dog Songs

I was gifted the new Mary Oliver book today!  She writes such beautiful poetry and this book is all poems about dogs. I was never a dog person until our Daisy and I had to adjust to her buoyant energy after years of indifferent cats.  But each day, I value her loyalty and love just a smidgen more.

Benjamin, Who Came From Who Knows Where

What shall I do?
When I pick up the broom
       he leaves the room
When I fuss with kindling he
       runs for the yard.
Then he's back, and we
       hug for a long time.
In his low-to-the-ground chest
       I can hear his heart slowing down.
Then I rub his shoulders and
       Kiss his feet
and fondle his long hound ears.
       Benny, I say,
don't worry.  I also know the way
       the old life haunts the new.