Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Poem

"What goes through your head
when you stare at a blank space?
Nothing to write about, you may say.
Nothing to write for.
If you think, you can write.
If you live, you can write.
If you think nothing, write nothing.
If you do live, then spell with your heart."

Heart Spell

It's a reset day 
when a north east wind
brings in barrel waves, 
crash, roar.
When after a walk 
down a dirt path
leads to a peer 
into an abandoned home
where we see our future, 
our dreams and allow
ourselves a chance 
to hope.

 -Regina Gort



  1. The words that struck me most were "abandoned home," rather than "abandoned house." The word Home implies life, love, & residents, so I thought your word choice was very telling. Well done.

  2. A blank slate can mean more than nothing. Hope is never a bad thing. Beautiful post.