Monday, September 16, 2013


Today's advice is to trust your gut. This after my husband and I have fully recovered from mushroom poisoning.

We were going to host a dinner party and in an attempt to make it more over the top, I decided to order some mushrooms online. Mind you these same mushrooms grow in our backyard, we pick and eat them all summer. Even though my gut feeling was to serve the mushrooms we'd eaten all summer, I second guessed myself and was cautious. I didn't want to get anyone at the dinner party sick though we'd never gotten sick before.

So I ordered the mushrooms and when they arrived I questioned the quality, picked out the ones that didn't look so good, cleaned the rest and cooked them up several days prior to the party. My husband and I couldn't resist trying them as they smelled really good.

Later that night I became extremely ill and by 48 hours later my husband was in the emergency room.

Somehow we managed to pull it together and the dinner party went on as planned minus the mushrooms.

Here's what I learned: never order mushrooms online and to always trust my gut in all decisions.


  1. I'm glad the party went well, but am sorry you & Tim had to suffer. I'd always trust your gut, but don't always trust my own. I'll try harder.

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  3. Oh, I'm sorry you got so sick! I had food poisoning once and it was a nightmare. Glad you've both recovered!