Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: Guest Photographer

Whether you are stumped on how to begin a new project or hitting the wall in your current project, we give you Writer's Block Wednesday. Each week we offer a photo as inspiration, as a prompt or as a distraction.

Today's photo comes courtesy of our good friend and photographer, Ann Finkelstein.
On her own blog she shares photos and her adventures in writing. We are so happy that Ann is sharing new work with us. Thank you, Ann!


  1. Thanks for posting my picture. The one that got away was last week's chipmunk eating a strawberry.

  2. What a gorgeous pic. Off to check out Ann's site now. :)

  3. A delicious picture! Ann, you have such a good eye for photography, and I love your results. Two days ago, a chipmunk was sunning himself on our woodpile. If you ever want another shot at one of these animals, come on down.

  4. They look like wild strawberries to me, which made me think of Sweden, Ingmar Bergman, the film Wild Strawberries that he directed, and the wild strawberries that grow outside the little guest cottage on my Swedish girlfriends' farm. I'm not a writer, well I have worked as a technical writer, and I love to post on my blog, etc., but when I visit you guys on Wednesdays, I just let my mind take off from the picture and roam and see where it ends up. I hope you don't mind. Now I'm off to check out Ann's site.