Monday, June 17, 2013

Motivation for Monday

I have to say that doing what I was most afraid to do has afforded me the courage to keep going. This past week in a poetry therapy session I read a poem titled, How Divine is Forgiving? by Marge Piercy. After reading it aloud, I was so afraid to take the next 15 minutes of writing time. I was so afraid of what it may reveal. But in doing so, in taking the next step and allowing myself to go into the poem, I found healing.

So today I encourage you to think about something you are afraid to write about and just write it. Allow yourself to be open and honest and move past fear to see what is on the other side.

How Divine is Forgiving?
by Marge Piercy
It’s a nice concept
but what’s under the sculptured draperies?
We forgive when we don’t really care
because what was done to us brought unexpected
harvest, as I always try to explain
to the peach trees as I prune them hard,
to the cats when I shove pills against
the Gothic vaults of their mouths

We forgive those who betrayed us
years later because memory has rotted
through like something left out in the weather
battered clean then littered dirty
in the rain, chewed by mice and beetles,
frozen and baked and stripped by the wind
til it is unrecognizable, corpse
or broken machine, something long useless.

We forgive those whom their own machinations
have sufficiently tangled, enshrouded,
the fly who bit us to draw blood and who
hangs now a gutted trophy in a spider’s
airy larder; more exactly, the friend
whose habit of lying has immobilized him
at last like a dog trapped in a cocoon
of fishing line and barbed hooks.

We forgive those we firmly love
because anger hurts, a coal that burns
and smolders still scorching the tissues
inside, blistering wherever it touches
so that we bury the hot clinkers in a mound
of caring, suffocate the sparks with promises,
drown them in tears, reconciling.

We forgive mostly not from strength
but through imperfections, for memory
wears transparent as a glass with the pattern
washed off, till we stare past what injured us,

We forgive because we too have done
the same to others easy as a mudslide;
or because anger is a fire that must be fed
and we are too tired to rise and haul a log.

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