Sunday, April 21, 2013


We get Sundays off from the A-Z Challenge, but not so for NaPoWriMo. Juliet writes today's poem.

Clowning Around

This is going to hurt.
In sidelong smiles, deceptive nods of agreement
Confusion will settle itself into your bones
Rattle at your neck
I’m sorry to say it but you simply aren’t smart enough to figure this out
You will think the best, or try to
You will dance in a small room, swaying with a liar
Only hearing the pretty music
Not the rumble underneath

In other places
You are an abstraction
As they sit at a restaurant, excited hands held under the table
In a wood, sneaking hungry kisses

On the school playground
Saying what she really means
To someone you never talk to
So you won’t guess

In a baseball field
Where your mother-in-law
Makes you nervous
And its time to nurse the baby

Or in the black of a theater
Because the niggling unease
Sent you seeking the feeling of

Remember your mother?
All those times with the bathroom door closed
Otherworldly howls rising up as you secreted
Pints of honey vanilla in your room
Didn’t you learn from the train whistle she blew?

But you, you run laughing into the arms of dissemblers
Charm wins you over
Every damn time
I really wish you weren’t so human


When it finally comes
A punch in your throat
No air, no air
I warned you this would hurt

They make clowns of themselves, yes
But they make a fool of you too

©2013 Juliet Bond all rights reserved


  1. Very strong viewpoint, showing a lot of hurt and sadness in the way the world can be. The poem itself is quite moving!

  2. Intense, J. But I love it. There are so many lines that I like but the opening is what dug into me.
    "Confusion will settle itself into your bones
    Rattle at your neck"

    1. So obviously I didn't realize that Tim was signed in. :) Love you and wishing you a bright week ahead!

  3. This one makes me think. I'll have to read it a few more times before I let it take its place in my mind.

    1. Yes, you know what it's about. I'm somewhat glad you had to think though. I felt like I was pouring myself onto the page in this one.