Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A-Z Challenge

For the A-Z challenge, we decided to post a new and original poem every day (yipes!)  Today, Juliet tackles the letter "U" with a poem for Kevin.


You say “um-ber-ella,”
Separating the syllables into distinct, slow parts.
Your Texas ancestors tumble,
Into the word.
A leather Stetson appears a top your head,
Your mouth droops as you drawl.

Or sometimes you answer me,
“I don’t guess.”
And in that moment,
Your Aunt Eunice, Spicy Cross and the whole
Town of Hillsboro,
Enter the room and have a little sit down.

Today is silver.
The rain comes down in feathery,
Drops so small I can hardly feel their weight.
We fought last night and I,
Want to go to the grocery store alone.

The porch door groans as you push,
Opening to the wide yard,
Littered with our children’s toys.
The grass green-grey,
Crushed by pelting tears that seem clear,
But are never what they seem.

I think we need one,
But you say,
“I don’t guess we need an umbrella today.”

©2013 Juliet Bond all rights reserved


  1. Lovely poem, Juliet. I really like the imagery and the emotion.

    1. So that comment really was from Tim. And all I can say is WOW! This poem, J, this poem is stunning. I love it, you poet, you :)

  2. Love the line about the ancestors tumbling into the word. I think regional accents are fun and this poem is such a great way to describe that.

  3. This is beautiful! Poems are a great way to show relationships & paint character. You've done it well.

    1. I hope so - Kevin asked me what it meant so maybe I didn't wield the paintbrush quite so artfully :)

  4. love the feathery, drops......beautiful

  5. I love accents and always have to try them out. When spending time with friends from Texas, Louisiana and Massachusettes, I can't help but try and mimic their speech.

    1. Me too! Though I never say UM-brella. But that's just pure stubbornness after twenty-five years of being with the same Texan.

  6. I just wrote about a Texas sky and big cars there, this sort completes it.