Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Challenge

For the A-Z challenge, we decided to post a new and original poem every day (yipes!)  Today, Juliet tackles the letter "W" with an old poem she wrote with Regina by her side.

Where I'm From

I am sprung from a teenager’s lonely heart
from aching need
and misplaced affection,
from folk songs, 
long hair and blinding hope.
I am from outstretched arms 
and rowdy laughter, paired with 
balled-up grief turned bitter.
From Thomas and June, who spun matter, 
assembling the elements until a howling, dark-eyed girl emerged.
I am the sharp knife Opa used to chase Da into the Air Force.
I am the stench of smoke caught between car windows.
I am thick strands of seaweed 
amid knobby crimson toes, 
honey vanilla ice cream, and the alter of my mother’s conviction.
I am feathered hair, roller discos and glossy lips.
I am the timid child whose cautious first steps weren’t enough to protect her from the man/boy who lurked in the bushes.
I am the torn tights, sand-stung eyes and Girl Scout uniform never worn again.
I am fierce loyalty grasping the edges of fading light.

©2013 Juliet Bond All Rights Reserved


  1. You are the sum of these things that have made you the special person whom I love.

  2. I feel like I write the same thing every day but this is another fantastic poem. Love them all!

  3. Wow! I'm speechless, so I leave to let this poem sink into my soul so to speak.

    1. What a beautiful response! I'm so grateful.

  4. Oh, that's pretty. I like this poem a lot!

  5. You are all those things and a phenomenal poet too. For some reason I wasn't getting updates for your posts recently. I'm back and I'm a fan.

  6. I did a prompt similar to this back in 2011. It was my first foray into poetry. This was a great exercise for everyone to try. I posted the link.