Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Small Things

Juliet's Small Things

Okay, focusing on the small things...

This week, I need this.
Putting aside my dad's heart attack and my sister's car accident, I will focus on this sunny day, 
A rare lunch date with my husband, 
The health of my children, 
The continued improvement of my mother-in-law as she recovers from a stem cell transplant.  

I will celebrate a new idea for a play and a completed revision on a picture book.  
I will look forward to our spring break in Galena, surrounded by friends and family...

Regina's Small Things

Deep breaths, taking one moment at a time
and giving my daughter her first try at driving. Go, Eliza, Go!


  1. She has an adorable smile. It looks like she's enjoying her test drive. Way to go!

    And I hope Juliet's dad gets well soon.

  2. Juliet- First, big ((hug)) I hope your dad's health improves ASAP and I hope your sister is OK from the accident. I also hope your mother-in-law continues a good recovery path. A lunch date and your children's health are absolutely wonderful celebrations ;)

    Regina- What a beautiful smile! Lovely celebration :D

  3. Sending you both large hugfuls of love. I admire your strength in dealing with the hurdles you face. Just labeling them as "small things" speaks volumes about your capabilities.

  4. Here's wishing you have many, many more sunny days filled with healthy, happy and safe family members. Have a wonderful spring break. May you and Eliza both go, go, go!

  5. I know it's hard to put the big things aside and appreciate those small enjoyments. So glad you're able to break through and do just that, and may those large, troubling things become even larger victories.

  6. Keeping all in my prayers. Always enjoy a lunch date (or any date, for that matter) with hubby. Such a cutie, Eliza! Good for you! Wishing you both lots of sunny days!

  7. I hope your dad is ok and that your sister recovers from her car accident. A lunch date sounds lovely.

    What an adorable pic too.

    1. The lunch date was lovely! Thanks so much for your well wishes and thanks for this opportunity to reflect on blessings!