Monday, March 4, 2013

Carnival of Children's Literature

We are thrilled to be hosting an upcoming "Carnival of Children's Literature" in April!  

Anastasia Suen, who blogs at Booktalking, has invited us to summarize a fantastic community of kidlit bloggers.  So what is this thingy you ask?  Well here is how the folks at kidlitosphere explain it:

What is a blog carnival?

A carnival is a collection of blog posts about a specific topic. Most carnivals are monthly or weekly events. Bloggers submit their posts for consideration, and the carnival host compiles the submissions into one big post full of links for easy reading. 
Carnivals are a great way to discover new blogs and to explore the threads of conversation running through a particular corner of the blogosphere. 

What is the carnival of children’s literature?

A monthly collection of great posts about children’s books—a terrific way to explore the kidlitosphere! 

Who’s in charge?

Each month’s host has full editorial discretion over his or her edition. The carnival’s administrative stuff is managed by children’s-book author Anastasia Suen, who blogs at Booktalking and hosts the Carnival of Children’s Literature page.

Where do I find current and upcoming carnivals?

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